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DPF Deletes

Chip Tech Tuning DPF removal with a power or economy remap same day service.


DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is referred to a DPF for short. The DPF is a designed to remove the ‘soot’ from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. A diesel car or van equipped with a functioning DPF filter will emit no black smoke from its exhaust pipe.


The DPF must burn off the accumulated ‘soot’ in the filter, this process is known as ‘regeneration’ or ‘DPF Regeneration’ The DPF filter can also become blocked over time due to various conditions including many short journeys in the vehicle. In this case the DPF filter will need to have a forced regeneration (put on a diagnostic computer to make the DPF burn the soot out while the car is either stood still or to enable it to burn the soot whilst driving the vehicle) or if end of life for the DPF filter it will need replacing.


We can remove the DPF because:


Can cost £1000+ to replace the DPF
DPF reduces economy and power due its restriction
Regeneration can start without warning, and if not completed can cause engine management faults


Increase power and torque by removing the DPF
Increase fuel economy by removing the DPF
DPF Removal process


The Diesel Particulate Filter removal involves removing the internals of the actual DPF. Remove existing particulate filter from the vehicle, cut an opening, remove the core, clean and re-seal by welding, Refit back to the vehicle. Then remap the vehicle to remove the regeneration software from the ECU and remove the DPF warning light from the dash.


We do not use cracked software or tools to edit the DPF Removal, There have been instances where clone or copy software has been used by other companies and after a few days the DPF light and engine power loss are back.


We only use genuine tools and software hence we may not be the cheapest, but will do the job right first time.


DPF Dash Lights


You must remove the DPF internal core before deleting the Regeneration software from the ECU, if not this can cause damage to the engine. This is a common error with some VW, ADUI, SEAT and SKODA 170bhp model engines, where the DPF has been removed, errors still remain in the ecu, and the remap will not cure the dpf problems when removed.


We offer this service with a lifetime guarantee against any defects on the dpf removal Remap. We can service All Makes of cars, vans and trucks.


Please contact us with your requirements and for more information.

Our DPF Removal prices start from £250.



* please call us to find out an exact cost for you car.

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